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Sunday, December 27, 2009

the 411

lately northern africa and the middle east have been invading my thoughts and prayers, my heart breaks particularly for the women in those regions. they suffer much oppression, abuse and over all poor quality of life.
i would love for God to move on their behalf and i believe that He will if we, as Godly women, stand in the gap for them and pray from our hearts. that is why i am starting the 'sisterhood of the traveling prayer journal' and i would love for you to be a part of it.
this is how it works.

there are:
20 praying women (young and old)
2 prayer journals (one for the women of afganistan and one for darfur)

1. over the next year you will get both journals in the mail at different times.
2. each time you will keep it for 5 days, and over those 5 days you will diligently lift the women of that region up in prayer
3. then you will mail the journal to the next person on the mailing list

you do not necessarily have to write all your prayers in the journal - you can put your thoughts, poetry, artwork, etc. - you can be creative - it's not about the journal as much as it's about the 5 days of prayer!

this is the blog site that you will be able to refer to when you receive the journal in the mail. it will keep you current on the obstacles facing the women in the region you are praying for. i will be posting more info as the start date draws near. if you have questions let me know.
if you want to be a part of it, i just need your address, i'm hoping to get it started by january 10th 2010.

thanks and God bless

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