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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yemen - Child Brides

CHILD BRIDES: Divorced at 10?
Incredible story of a Yemeni 8-year old who was married off against her will to a 30-year-old man. And yes, the husband DID HAVE SEX with her.

Women's Rights in Islam: Divorced at 10 - More bloopers are a click away
Nujoud Ali, now 10 years old, describes the horrors of being pulled out of school and forced into marriage. This courageous little girl ran away after just 12 days, went to the court, and demanded to be given a divorce so she could go back to school. And she got it.

This 12-year-old doesn’t know if she will be able to get a divorce from the 26-year-old cousin whom her father forced her to marry. If she can’t, she says she will commit suicide.

She says she was happy at first, happy about the pretty wedding gown. After 11 days, she could stand it no longer and ran away.

March 13, 2010
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